7. Specific Guidance by Program

This section contains information on the training courses conducted as part of the Epicenter Strategy in Malawi, mainly focused on the Animator Training Courses. The training courses conducted in each Epicenter may vary between countries and regions with the varying needs of the local population, however the bulk of training courses should be consistent across all Epicenters. The general guidance given above should be applied to all the training courses covered below.

The specific elements of each Animator training, where not already covered in the general guidance above, are given in this section in a standardized format, by program area. For each Animator Training Course delivered by an Implementing Officer, there is a page that captures:

  1. Topics Covered
  2. Objective(s)
  3. Facilitator(s)
  4. Target Participants
  5. Resource Requirements
  6. Preparation
  7. Duration
  8. Course Content (Referenced Link)
  9. Evaluation
  10. Action Plans

Externally facilitated courses are covered with limited details.

Click below for each program guidance

1. Community Mobilization 2. Food Security 3. Microfinance and Livelihoods 4. Health
5. HIV/AIDS 6. Nutrition 7. Women’s Empowerment 8. WASH
9. Environment 10. Literacy & Education 11. Youth Engagement 12. Monitoring and Evaluation