HIV/AIDS and Gender Equality Animator Training

Topics Covered:

  • Facts about HIV and AIDS
  • Male and female condoms
  • Gender and HIV/AIDS
  • Gender roles, stereotypes and equality


The objective is to train HIV animators as ‘trainers of trainers’ for HIV community workshops. The training equips animators with facilitation skills and knowledge to articulate various HIV issues as they facilitate community workshops.   



Planned in partnership with local Government officers.

Target Participants:

HIV Animators.

Resource Requirements:

  • One condom for every participant
  • A rod or banana (or any other thing object that can be used to practice putting on male condom) One is needed for every two participants
  • Eight sheets of paper with one instruction on each paper. (see instructions on page 6 of manual)
  • Poster showing instructions for how to put on a male condom
  • Female condom


The training is planned in partnership with local Government officers responsible for HIV/AIDS awareness, so these people must be engaged before the training can happen. The program officer must plan together with local Government officers on which topics will be facilitated by whom and on which days.


Initial training takes five days, with a three-day refresher

Course Content:


The Training Manual contains a call for participants to commit themselves to tackling HIV/AIDS and gender inequality in their communities. Those who agree are asked to make a public vow, using words given in the manual.

Participants answer a set of questions to confirm their understanding of the course material.

Action Plans:

As per general guidance.