7.4 Health

Malaria Prevention and Control Animator Training

Topics Covered:

Part I of the manual addresses general aspects of organizing and planning the community workshops. Part II presents the topics for discussion in the community workshops. Topics include:

  • Vision and commitment on malaria and participatory evaluation
  • Malaria transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and vulnerable groups
  • Mosquito biting behavior, life-cycle and breeding and recognition
  • Risks of the malaria parasite
  • Bed net hang-up, distribution, use and maintenance
  • Severe malaria, community health systems and mother and infant care
  • Community wide malaria control, problem analysis, action planning, songs/drama


To provide villagers with optimal education on malaria prevention and control. The ultimate goal of the malaria educational activities is to increase participation and adoption of malaria prevention and control interventions by household members of the targeted communities, thereby facilitating collective action against malaria at village level. Health animators are also trained in this course on how to conduct community workshops on malaria themselves.


Health SS and/or EPOs

Target Participants:

Health Animators

Resource Requirements:

  • Visual material showing the transmission cycle (Visual 1)
  • Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test kit
  • Pricker, glass slides
  • Visual on Rapid Diagnostic Test showing test lines (Visual 2)
  • Example of LA medication (blister)
  • Visuals on house screening and bed nets (Visual 3)
  • Sample of fansidar (SP)
  • Visual of malaria mosquito and nuisance mosquito (Visual 4)
  • Sample of blood-fed female malaria mosquito inside plastic tube of bottle
  • Visual of mosquito life-cycle (Visual 5)
  • Plastic container with water and mosquito larvae (malaria and/or nuisance mosquitoes)
  • Visual of malaria mosquito and nuisance mosquito (Visual 6)
  • Dried or live specimens in vials
  • Hammer, nail, hooks, strings, bed net
  • An example bed net should be hung-up over a bed, for demonstration purposes.
  • Example of a torn bed net, with several holes
  • Example of a repaired bed net, with several mended holes
  • Locally available objects for use in drama on malaria (bed net; other relevant objects)


Prior to the relevant day of the course, survey for a larval breeding site near the meeting location; this should be used for a field visit.

Try-out the hanging of the bed net in the demonstration site prior to the workshop.


7 days – 2 days of general training in skills for community engagement processes and 5 days of malaria training.

Course Content:


As per general guidance.

Action Plans:

As per general guidance.

Other Externally Facilitated Training

Local Government officers conduct Animator Training Courses on; Vaccines, Clinic services, Male circumcision, Maternal Health, Child/Infant Health and Sexual Health