EPO Job Description

    1. Line Manager: The Epicenter Projects Officer shall be under the direct supervision of the Head of Programs.
    2. The Job Holder: Faces the challenge of weighing between the demands of the partner villages and those of The Hunger Project. As such, the job holder is expected to have good assessment and analytical skills to ensure that indeed projects being undertaken are working towards eradicating hunger and poverty. At grass root level, the job holder plays a role of empowering people so that they take sustainable actions to lead healthy, productive and self-reliant lives. The job holder is required to show initiative and problem-solving ability when dealing with partner villages.
    3. Job Purpose: The job entails ensuring among others: effective and empowering Community Mobilization; Effective program implementation; effective collaboration with district sectoral heads, NGOs & Private Sector; Participatory data collection, interpretation and use; high quality reporting on agreed frequencies.
    4. Specifically, the Job Holder will be responsible:
      1. To facilitate effective projects implementation in the epicenter partner villages
      2. Build capacity of various community leadership structures and animators and ensure that all animators and committees are functional all the time for effective management and implementation of project activities.
      3. To collect relevant data on progress of projects in partner villages to ensure that all projects are effectively contributing towards ending hunger and poverty.
      4. Represent the organization at various development forums within his working area/district.
      5. Ensure effective district level visibility for the organization as well working with relevant district sector heads in the implementation of various sectoral programs in line with Government policies.
      6. Ensure effective networking and collaboration with like-minded NGOs and private sector in the district/impact areas where activities overlap to leverage resources and ensure sustainability
      7. Work as district liaison officer of the organization, to enhance good working relationship with all Governments departments for smooth implementation of program activities.
      8. To supervise and monitor all activities being carried out in the epicenter villages
      9. Ensure that the epicenter infrastructure is always in good condition and well taken care of and that the epicenter surroundings are tidy at all times and that epicenter premises and materials at the epicenter are secure at all times
      10. To supervise all epicenter staff/volunteers and participate in epicenter committee meetings to ensure that all volunteers are exercising their duties effectively.
      11. To ensure accountability in all transactions done by the epicenter committee and any other committees at the epicenter level
      12. Working hand in hand with the epicenter executive committee (Chairperson. Secretary & Treasurer) to ensure that various committees established at the epicenter level i.e, food bank committee, education committee etc are meeting on a monthly/quarterly basis
      13. Produce monthly and Quarterly analytical reports showing progress of various projects in the partner villages and how epicenter programs are contributing to ending poverty and hunger
      14. Ensure that the epicenter(s) is/are on track for attainment of Self-Reliance Status as defined by THP
      15. Any other relevant duties as may be assigned from time to time by Management


Signed in confirmation that the above is a true reflection of the job requirements Date
Job Holder
Head of Programs